Social Contribution and Philanthropy

Basic Approach

We support the SDGs and the philosophy of UNGC and desire to contribute to the development and wellbeing of local communities while also fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities. Having smooth communication with local communities and building relationships of social trust with them will have a positive impact on the company’s long-term growth.
Article 18 of the Foster Group Code of Conduct for Staff states the following about social contribution activities.
Contribution to Society: As Good Corporate Citizen, Foster Group Directors and Staff actively participate in the social contribution activity and contribute to the development of the society. We continuously execute the social contribution activity such as sponsorship of culture and art, cooperation to regional community, participation in volunteer activity or contribution to international society and perform the role as a corporate citizen.”
We engage proactively in effective communication and philanthropic activities in the countries and regions where we operate, aiming to be a company that develops together with people from local communities and that enjoys widespread trust.

Main Activities


Communicating with the Community

In fiscal 2014, we acquired the naming rights for Akishima Community Hall and gave this facility a nickname, KOTORI Hall. In April 2023, we used the renewal of the naming rights contract as an opportunity to give it a new nickname, FOSTER Hall. We will continue to create opportunities to communicate with the community. The blue parts of the new logo, FOSTER and ALL reflect our strong desire that the hall will contribute to the growth of all the people who use it.

We continue to participate in “Akishima-shi Environment Consideration Enterprise Network,” which carries out environmental activities with businesses in the city, as a lead member. However, various annual events hosted by this organization were again cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, Foster is promoting activities to enable people to encounter local traditional cultures through Akishima Showa No Mori Organization and Akishima Tourism & City Planning Association, in which we participate. Foster is also cooperating with the Akishima Location Service to engage in activities for revitalizing the local area.

Social contribution through education

We take various opportunities to hold a Speaker Craft Workshop. We also co-host the Speaker Craft Workshop for Parents and Children, classes given to the citizens of Akishima City. We accepted junior high school students for work experience and held science classes for second-year students at junior high schools in Akishima City (six schools in total). Using speakers as materials, we provided opportunities to enjoy learning about the principles and mechanisms of how speakers work.

Relief money for employees affected by the flooding in Thailand

Early in October 2022, heavy rainfall in the north area of Chao Phraya River caused the river to rise and resulted in a dam discharge, which caused flooding in areas including the midstream and tributary areas. Some parts of tributaries overflowed, causing more than 100 houses of employees working at our Thai plant to be flooded under or above the floor level. To aid our employees affected by this flooding, we solicited relief funds from headquarters employees and provided a total of approx. 280,000 yen, including a contribution from headquarters, to the plant in Thailand.


June to July 2022: Our employee volunteers participated in blood donation programs at our plant in Heyuan City and the Cultural Center in Panyu District, Guangzhou City. We also engage in care and welfare activities in Panyu District, Guangzhou City each year, providing care to residents of the district aged 60 or older.


September 2022 and January 2023: Charity funds for neighbors raised by officers and employees of ESTec Corporation, a Group company in South Korea, were donated to those in need of support in Yangsan City through the inhabitant life support office of the city government.


January 2023: We received “the Gold Heart award” from Red Cross Society of the Cam Le district in recognition of our outstanding achievements with our donations for local people facing financial difficulties from Cam Le district and Hòa Vang district of Da Nang.