Social Contribution Activities


With our mission “Through acoustic products or its solutions, a total commitment to help create a comfortable life and pleasure of communication around the world. A truly global enterprise our future society counts on,” the Foster Group will seek to earn greater trust from the community through business activities in which we evolve together with local residents.

Code of Conduct

We actively participate in social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen to contribute to the development of society.
We continuously conduct social contribution activities such as support for culture and the arts, cooperation with local society, participation in volunteer activities and contributions to international society to play the role of a corporate citizen.

Activity Promotion Structure

Foster Electric’s social contribution activities involve all departments, including General Affairs, Manufacturing, Engineering and Sales.

Main Activities

Communicating with the community

We continued the naming rights contract with Akishima City regarding Akishima Community Hall, which is known locally as KOTORI Hall by the citizens of Akishima City. The KOTORI brand name was given to the hall by Foster in April 2014. This year, the renovation of KOTORI Hall in Akishima City is planned. We will continue to pursue activities to win the affection of the local community.


KOTORI product exhibition corner

As a company that supports the industry of Akishima City, we invited its technical instructors to visit a company under the theme of technical tradition. In addition, as a company that regards harmony with the environment as one of the highest priority issues of its business management activities, we held classes on the environment and invited elementary school students to join. These sessions enabled the children who will play a role as the next generation of adults to learn about the importance of environmental preservation, and about the care for the environment that goes into our products.

Environmental class (1)

Environmental class (2)

In 2017, as a key member of Akishima City’s Environmentally Friendly Business Operator Network, we took part in the Akishima Industrial Festival, the Environment Green Festival, and other environment events, and pursued our environmental preservation activities in cooperation with neighboring companies and the staff of Akishima City Environment Section. Also, valuable feedback from citizens through the events was highly beneficial for our activities. We will continue to grow together with all citizens in the future.

Akishima Industrial Festival (1)

Akishima Industrial Festival (2)

In December 2017, we sponsored a Winter Vacation Parent & Child Crafts Class, a winter holiday event for parent-child interaction as part of the Akishima Crafts Classroom community courses, which was well received.

Winter Vacation Parent & Child Crafts Class (1)

Winter Vacation Parent & Child Crafts Class (2)

In addition, Foster is promoting activities to enable people to encounter local traditional cultures through Akishima Showa No Mori Organization and Akishima Tourism & City Planning Association, in which we participate. Foster is also deepening communications with the local community through efforts such as cooperation with the Akishima Location Service to engage in activities for revitalizing the local area and donations to the Social Welfare Council to contribute to welfare in the local community.
Last year, we started the in-house sale of specialty goods from the town of Iwaizumi, Iwate Prefecture, which concluded a friendship city agreement with Akishima City, as a disaster reconstruction support activity and contributed to the area’s recovery through economic activity.

Crime prevention and disaster readiness initiatives

Supporting the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, Foster is cooperating with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s ANTEP (Anti-Terrorism Partnership, Tokyo) initiative, concluding disaster prevention agreements with neighboring companies, and otherwise bolstering its crime prevention and disaster readiness initiatives in the local community.

Investing in human resources for the future

In 2017, we held a speaker-making class, an event sponsored for children by our consumer brand FOSTEX company, at “Anfelit” showroom, where FOSTEX products were exhibited, twice during the spring holiday period (March to April) and summer holiday period (July to August). Sixty children, from late elementary to junior high school students and their guardians enjoyed the event.
They not only learned the mechanism of sound, but also enjoyed listening to music through the speaker.

Making speakers

Listening to sounds from the speakers
that the children made

Foster Electric supports bicycle motocross (BMX) rider, Mr. Yoshii.


Kohei Yoshii,
BMX* Japan representative, works at CSR Promotion Department of Foster Electric Company, Limited.
Born on March 14, 1995. He fell in love with BMX racing the first time he saw it with his family, and started BMX when he was 7 years old.
In 2012 and 2013, he won the junior class race for two years in a row. In 2013, he won first prize in the Asian Championship junior class.
Since 2014, he has taken part in the highest class in Japan, the elite class.He also serves as a trainer at sessions for beginners at JOSF Midoriyama track, his home ground, and interacts with children and their guardians.
* BMX (bicycle motocross): A cycle race. Mr. Yoshii takes part in the BMX event known as the “Race.” Players compete for top place on a dirt course of approx. 400 m including jump ramps, etc.
Mr. Yoshii joined Foster Electric Company, Limited in December 2017 and is active internationally.

Recent Activities

2018 February USA BMX Winter Nationals (U.S.)
March USA BMX Gator Nationals (U.S.)
April UCI BMX Supercross World Cup (France)
May UCI BMX Supercross World Cup (Netherlands, Belgium)
Asian BMX Championships - Continental Championships (Thailand)

Community Contribution Activities at Overseas Sites

Foster Group’s overseas sites provide active support for regional volunteering and donation activities, activities supporting victims and those who are economically disadvantaged, human resource development activities, and other initiatives each year.


We offered gifts to those who are economically disadvantaged during the Tet holidays (Lunar New Year) in February 2018.

In November 2017, due to a flood caused by Typhoon No. 23 (Damrey) in the south central of Vietnam residents suffered extensive damage. Our Vietnam sites provided support in Quang Nam Province, where people were affected by the collapse of houses and other damage, and donated funds and relief supplies collected from our employees.

In December 2017, we supported the construction of a canal bridge in Kien Giang Province.


In May 2017, our employees participated in a blood donation event co-sponsored by the Indonesian Red Cross Society.

In June 2017, we supported the construction of a learning room (computer room) at the Permate orphanage on Batam Island.

In November 2017, we donated over 200 picture books, dictionaries, and educational books to a school on Seraya Island. In December 2017, we also donated school tuition, food and other supplies to Agape orphanage on Batam Island.

We donated books to a school
on Seraya Island

We donated school tuition, food and
other supplies to an orphanage on Batam Island


Our Myanmar site accepted internships from universities and career colleges We provided students with opportunities to deepen their expertise through on-site learning and acquiring techniques that have not been taught in school. We not only accepted students for internships but also visited Thanlyin Technological University to give a talk on the manufacturing processes of speakers.

Students from Thanlyin Technological University
visiting Foster Thilawa Plant

Lecture at Thanlyin Technological University


January 2018: We distributed 5,000 reusable shopping bags to stores and consumers at no charge to reduce the amount of plastic bags.

February 2018:
1) We took part in the poverty reduction activities conducted by the local government and provided employment guidance and job opportunities by communicating with those who are economically disadvantaged.

2) Our employees took part in the welfare activities, visited economically disadvantaged persons in the Guangxi region, and donated money and food.


ESTec Corporation, a Group company in South Korea, performed the following activities:
September 2017: Conducted by our officers and employees, funds for neighbors were donated via the inhabitant life support office to people in need of support in the Yangsan area.
November 2017: The funds raised by our officers and employees were donated via the physical education office as scholarship funds for the students in Yangsan City.
December 2017: All our employees pickled 200 boxes of kimchi (approximately 1,500 kg) together and sent them to those who are economically disadvantaged (elderly living alone, people with serious disabilities, and households with a child acting as the head of household), via the Yangsan Volunteer Center. This "Kimchi sharing with love" event has been carried out every year since 2010.

September 2017: Funds for neighbors

November 2017:
Scholarship funds for students in Yangsan City

December 2017: Kimchi sharing with love


September 2017: Our Detroit office donated the funds collected internally to “Make A Wish,” which is an organization for children who are fighting serious illnesses.