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CEOHiromi Yoshizawa COOAtsushi Narikawa

Kazuhiro Kishi

Approach to Sustainability

At the base of our approach to sustainability is our positioning of our employees as the leading players in our corporate activities. The mission of the management team is to build an environment which enables each employee to hone and fully demonstrate their capabilities. Believing that we cannot establish an environment like this if our employees are not happy, we have set the goal, “Be Happy 80%.”

We respect the diversity of all of the employees working with us and value an environment which enables them to choose their workstyles and careers. We aim to enable employees to maintain and improve their physical and mental health while ensuring their work enables them to develop personally, be satisfied in their jobs and take pride in their contributions to society. To achieve this we have set the goal, “Be Happy 80%.” Our goal is to enable all of Foster’s employees to be happy, reflecting not only satisfaction with our company and ourselves but also consideration for others. The 80% happy goal expresses a state of happiness with room left for the consideration of others, which is an ideal we aim to achieve at Foster. In “others,” we include our stakeholders, the environment, all living things, and all matters other than human beings.

The wellbeing we aim to achieve is based on the assumption that we can continue to achieve “Be Happy 80%” for our employees by improving employee engagement, enabling employees to be motivated and giving them opportunities for personal development. We are also focusing our efforts on initiatives related to overall sustainability through ESG management. They include diverse initiatives, such as initiatives to improve employee wellbeing and reduce environmental impact and social contribution activities. We are also advancing sustainability initiatives in our supply chains.