Corporate Name Foster Electric Company, Limited

1-1-109, Tsutsujigaoka, Akishima City, Tokyo, 196-8550, Japan
Tel : +81-(0)42-546-2311
Fax : +81-(0)42-546-2317

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Capital 6,770 million yen
[Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Market]
Established 20 June 1949
Employees 27,300 persons 30 Sep 2018 / Group Total [Total number of employees of group companies includes the employees of our outsourcee in Panyu, China.]
Our Business Contents The production and sales of loudspeakers, audio equipment, and electronical equipment.



President H.Yoshizawa
Senior Managing Director A.Narikawa
Senior Managing Director Lu San Tie
Managing Director K.Kishi
Director H.Shirakawa
Director * M.Matsumoto
Director * C.Matsuda
* Independent Director


Standing Corporate Auditor T.Inokuma
Corporate Auditor * T.Ino
Corporate Auditor * T.Suzuki
Corporate Auditor * Y.Goto
* Independent Corporate Auditor


Senior Executive Officer T.Nagasawa
Senior Executive Officer T.Yamaguchi
Senior Executive Officer M.Kohama
Senior Executive Officer T.Tanaka
Senior Executive Officer R.Otowa
Executive Officer Y.Takahara
Executive Officer N.Kanai
Executive Officer Y.Harada
Executive Officer Roy Ching-Sheng Chen
Executive Officer Oh In-Yong