Vision・Top Message

Corporate Creed


Corporate Vision

To make contributions for future society through acoustics

Mission Statement

Through acoustic products or its solutions, a total commitment to help create a comfortable life and pleasure of communication aroud the world.
A truly global enterprise our future society counts on.

Top Message

Since its foundation in 1949, Foster Electric Company, Limited has earned trust from its customers as a “Specialist of Sound” and as a partner in the acoustic business by addressing market needs appropriately.

Under the slogan “Sound to Life”, we will continue to provide innovative products in all fields related to sound.

While maintaining our spirit that is “For the World, for the People”, the Company will promote ESG (environmental, social and governance) management based on our fundamental corporate philosophy of “Sincerity”, and we strive to be a company trusted and loved by all of our stakeholders.

We look forward to your continued support moving forward.