VSA-20 Series(Product under development) TENTATIVE

Dynamic Speaker High Heat Resistance High SPL Actuator Not Washable

The VSA-20 series is equipped with two functions: a loudspeaker and an actuator.
The lower frequencies produce vibration and the mid-high frequencies produce sound.




  • Displays
  • Wearable Devices
  • Game Controllers
  • Portable Game Machines
  • Game Mouse
  • Thermometers
  • Electronic Keys
  • Electronic Locks
  • Water Heater Remote Controls
  • Home Appliance Remote Controls
  • Home Appliances (Touch Sensor)
  • Call Bells
*The above are examples of applications.


(Developed Products)
Rated Input Voltage [Acoustic] (V) 2 (0.5W) Free Air, 500~10kHz
Rated Input Voltage [Vibration] (V) 0.9 (0.1W) load mass 100g, 100~500Hz
Impedence(Ω) 8 2.5kHz, 1Vrms
Resonance Frequency [Vibration] (Hz) 150 0.1W, load mass 100g
Resonance Frequency [Acoustic] (Hz) 800 Free Air, 1Vrms
SPL (dB) 96 0.1m, sine wave 0.5W, 1kHz
Vibration Acceleration (Gp-p) 0.3 sine wave 0.1W, load mass 100g, 300Hz
Dimensions (mm) φ23.6 x t8.2 Terminals are not included.
Mass (g) 8  

*Specifications are subject to change due to product under development.

Frequency Response


φ23.6 x H8.2
(Terminals are not included.)

Characteristic Diagram
of Vibration Acceleration