Release of electronic sound buzzers "TMB-05B" and "TMB-12B"



Foster is pleased to release electronic sound buzzers TMB-05B and TMB-12B, which provide alarm sound and operating sound to onboard equipment, industrial machinery, consumer appliances, etc.

(* Rated voltage of TMB-05B and TMB-12B is 5 VDC and 12 VDC, respectively.)

Electronic sound buzzer TMB-05B and TMB-12B are upwardly compatible models of the electronic sound buzzer TMB-05/TMB-12 series, which has a high sales performance over the years.

TMB series provides electronic sound buzzers with self-contained drive circuit, which can be used easily as alarm or operating sound by applying DC voltage.

As compared with the existing models, TMB-05 and TMB-12, electronic sound buzzers TMB-05B and TMB-12B have improved 20°C in heat resistance and expanded the storage temperature range to -40 °C to 105 °C.

Further, their reliability has also substantially improved as evidenced by thermal shock for 1,000 cycles.

Since new model TMB-05B / TMB-12B is compatible with the current model TMB-05 / TMB-12, users may replace their model with new model.

These new products with highly reliable performance are suitable to a wide range of board-mounted products. We are going to promote sales activities actively and start mass production in the fourth quarter of 2017, planning to sell a total of 4 million pieces a year.

Product Overview


Various types of onboard equipment (cluster, ETC, ADAS) crime prevention devices, industrial machinery, consumer products, etc.

Main features
  • Self-contained drive circuit buzzer available simply only by applying DC voltage.
  • Storage temperature range: -40 °C-105 °C
  • Excellent heat resistance / thermal shock property (-40 °C - 105 °C / 1,000 cycles)
  • Compatible with the existing model TMB-05/TMB-12.

Main specifications

Rated voltage of TMB-05B and TMB-12B is 5 VDC and 12 VDC, respectively.

Model Electronic sound buzzer (Self-contained drive circuit buzzer)

Rated voltage


Average consumption current Max 30mA
Warranty sound pressure 90dB±5dB(Rated voltage / Measurement distance: 10 cm)
Oscillated frequency 2,300±300 Hz
Dimension φ: 12 mm, height: 9.5 mm
Weight (2 g)

* The sound pressure above represents a value measured under Foster's standard measuring conditions.

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